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Environment & surroundings

In the heart of Orient Bay private park located in the French side.Tourism Sint Maarten

Exceptional place , naturist Adam & Eve Residence presents:

  • Its proximity with the beautiful Orient Bay beach about 5 km long :

– From the south by the naturist beach of Club Orient : Barrier Reef and the desert island Caye Verte.

– From the north by Cul de Sac and its boarding to Pinel Island .

  • The Activities of Orient Bay:

On the beach of Orient Bay you will find:

Club Orient , nudist hotel

– The beach of  Club Orient is for naturists only (yellow chairs and parasol)Tourism Sint Maarten, French West Indies

– The Papagayo, restaurant of Club Orient naturist Resort .

– The Perch Bar,  bar of the naturist beach Club Orient , happy hour from 2:30pm to 3:30pm

The Pedro’s

– Pedro’s naturist beach (navy blue chairs and parasol)

– The local restaurant of Pedro’s is not naturist

– A restaurant service on the beach is available to cool down or quench your thirst, lying in the sun of the Caribbean.

  • Beach restaurants

The Etnik , Kontiki , Kakao , Playa Bikini , Palm Beach, Coco beach , etc. …………

The WAIKIKI with a lobster buffet lunch on Saturday and its music evenings theme .

  • Water activities :

Bubble shop diving) , in the Orientt Bay center next to Kakao

  • Water sports :Tourism Sint Maarten, French West Indies

– Parasailing

– Kite surfing, wind surfing

– Kayak, Hobie 4

– Jetski

  • Naturist cruisesTourism Sint Maarten, French West Indies

Malice II catamaran, private nudist cruises freely in the Caribbean! Learn more

  • The village of Orient Bay in its private park :

Evening entertainment , restaurants on the village, convenience store nearby, many shops.

Monday evening at the Astrolabe, 2 minutes walk from the residence with his combination of lobster and beef !

– Adam & Eve Residence is a 5 minute drive from 2 supermarkets in the French side (Leader Price, Auchan) and 10 minutes from supermarkets in the Dutch side .

– Access to the Orient Bay is secured by a fence and security post . The portal by the beaches of the Orient Bay is closed from 7pm.

  • Beyond this little paradise of Caribbean :

Grand Case Bay

– After 10 minute drive, you will enjoy Grand Case, a real local place with restaurants, often called ” small France” .

– Do not miss the unforgettable Thursday evening at the Calmos , a coffee shop directly overlooking the beach of Grand Case with animation!

– Continuing your way you will pass by Marigot capital of Saint Martin with its local market, its harbor and shops.

Red Bay with his local beach restaurant Raymond . Red Bay is the last stop before the place called the Lowlands and imposing properties where very famous personalities like staying there.

– We meet at the border overlooking a magnificent view of the porto Cupecoy, beginning of the Dutch side , tolerated naturist beach Cupecoy.

– We leave you the pleasure of discovering the Dutch side with its many casinos, jewelery and clothing stores without forgetting stores photos, computers, telephones etc. duty free . (Payment in U.S. dollars. )

– You can go back to the Adam & Eve Residence by Oyster Pond, a beautiful marina located on the border of the French side.

Caroline & Alain wish you a great time at the Adam & Eve Residence and remain at your disposal for any further questions and information.

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The island of Saint Martin is divided into 2 parts , Saint Martin & Sint Maarten : two cultures and two very different governments without any borders commonly called the French side and the Dutch side

The area of ​​93 km2 is divided as follows:

• The north part is the French side, an overseas collectivity of France since 1997 : 54km2
• The south part is the Duch side. In the past, Sint Maarten belonged to the former ” Independent State” of the Federation of Netherlands Antilles, within the Kingdom of the Netherlands , but became a state within the same UK on October 10th 2010 following the dissolution of the Caribbean: 39 km2.

St. Martin French side is a very attractive island for the tourist. Its capital , Marigot , is overlooked by the Fort St. Louis , built in 1776 to protect the island from English attacks

In Sint Maarten, we speak French and Dutch as well as English, Spanish , Italian and Portuguese.

The closest neighboring islands are Anguilla and St. Barthelemy and they emerge from the same submarine plateau at -40m on average.

There are a dozen of islets around the island. The largest is the very touristy Pinel with its three beaches . It should be added Tintamarre Island located three kilometers from the coast .

The coastline of Sint Maarten is divided into numerous bays with around thirty white sand beaches.

The ways of communication are maritim with its commercial port of Philipsburg and airways with Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side and the regional airport of Hope (Grand Case) on the French side.

On the east coast , the uninhabited islands of Tintamarre and Pinel are surrounded by small fringing coral formation. Sandy bottoms are colonized by large beds of marine phanerogams . While at St. Bartholomew, mangrove cords are reduced to narrow relics , they are widely represented in the brackish and saltwater coastal lagoons of Sint Maarten. (including Simpson lagoon, pond fish , etc. ) and some bays (Anse Margot , Oyster Pond, etc. ).

Christopher ColombusChristophe Colomb

The island was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, who claimed it for Spain.

Caribbean privateers and buccaneers enslaved indigenous of the island which were often removed from Sint Maarten to work in neighboring islands.

In 1647 , the Spanish , finding the island too small , abandoned it.

In 1648, the island was occupied by four French and five Dutch . They divided the sovereignty of the island by the Treaty of Concordia after a foot race :

A Dutch rider and a French rider left one at each end to join . Since the French made ​​a longer distance, the French side is larger than the Netherlands (about three fifths of the island) .

It is said that the French rider , a bit drunk , have taken shortcuts in the race …

And since 1648 , the island is shared between the Dutch and the French. The border between the two parts is just an administrative agreement and free movement between the two areas was included in the Convention of 1648 .

The French side was then attached to Saint Christopher. French and Dutch then had to cope with incessant British attacks who occupied the island from 1690 to 1699.

The island was completely occupied by France until 1703 when the British occupied the French part . When the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) , the Caribbean island of Saint Christopher was ceded by France to the United Kingdom.

The island of  Sint Maarten hen attached to Saint Christopher remained isolated for many years occupied by the English , before being attached by France to Guadeloupe in 1763 (DOM).

In a referendum in December 2003, the islanders decided to build a new Sint Maarten status communities overseas which took effect in 2007.

The economy of the island was based successively on tobacco, indigo (at the base of indigo dye) , sugar cane , cotton , salt , livestock . And since the late 60’s , tourism, with tax-free shopping , is the primary economic resource of the island.

Welcome Saint Martin / Sint Maarten

Bienvenue à Saint-Martin

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